Super-Powered Water

Enriched with Diatomic Hydrogen

Two simple elements: oxygen and hydrogen. Combined they create water, the remarkable substance that forms the basis of life. Water cleans, nourishes and hydrates. Water provides balance to our cells. Water is so elemental that our search for habitable planets depends on its presence. Water gives life, but what if it could also transform your life? READ MORE...

What if it were possible to supercharge water by using nothing but the elements that make up water? Hydrogen is the smallest and simplest of all of the elements, but it contains great power. Fusing two hydrogen atoms together releases the power of the sun. Binding two atoms produces diatomic hydrogen, or H2. By simply splitting water into its components, we can infuse water with diatomic hydrogen and on a smaller scale, its benefits are just as miraculous.

Diatomic Hydrogen Water: So Simple Yet So Powerful

SupraH2 Water Machine: Installation Guide

SupraH2 Technological Breakthrough

The SupraH2 Water Systems are designed specifically to supercharge normal tap water and produce powerful hydrogen-infused water. Great water starts with…great water. So the SupraH2 has a multi-faceted two-step filtration system built in to remove impurities and chemicals from your water. This purified water is pumped into a hydrogen generator that uses a proton exchange membrane to separate the hydrogen and infuse it back into the water. The result is clean fresh tasting water that is packed with all of the power of diatomic hydrogen!

The SupraH2 Ultra

A New Generation of Power

The SupraH2 Ultra Hydrogen Generator has been engineered to economically provide the highest levels of hydrogen infused water. Utilizing the latest in proton exchange membrane technologies, the SupraH2 series outstrips the performance of traditional plate ionizers. By simply pressing a button, you will get the latest in water purification technology coupled with all of the benefits of diatomic hydrogen. The powerful antioxidant capability of hydrogen will support your body to feel its best and run at its peak performance. Leave it to Sisel to completely change the way you look at water.
Buy. Install. Drink. Smile.

The Supra H2 Ultra Water Machine has been specifically designed to work with water supplied by municipal water departments that have already provided minimal purification treatment. Untreated water from private wells or other natural sources may damage the protective mineral layer that shields the Supra H2’s membrane. In such cases, we strongly recommend installing a system that will remove the minerals to help protect the membrane in the machine. Sisel cannot assume responsibility for any damage caused from the use of such untreated water.

Hydrogen - Mighty Atom of Enormous Power

Science is now discovering the power of diatomic hydrogen and its wonderful effects upon our health.

Hydrogen has amazing antioxidant capabilities. Diatomic Hydrogen readily dissociates (separates) into two slightly charged atoms that are remarkably good at binding to the free radicals created from oxidation and oxidative stress and neutralizing them. Being the smallest of all of the atoms, hydrogen is able to permeate into every part of the body, including through the blood brain barrier. Why is this so important? It allows hydrogen to neutralize free radicals in places that most antioxidants can’t go.

Over 600 peer reviewed studies have been published on the benefits of diatomic hydrogen, ranging from its superb antioxidant capabilities to its remarkable ability to increase energy and reduce recovery time after exercise. Proven advantages include:

Increases antioxidant levels

Helps improve energy levels

Improves recovery time after exercise

Neutralizes free radicals

Reduces oxidative stress

Helps promote cellular health

Supports cellular signaling

Helps maintain catalase, glutathione and super oxide dismutase levels

What Our Customers Think of the SupraH2

“To say I was exceptionally skeptical of drinking hydrogen enriched water is an understatement. But after just a few weeks, I could taste the difference and feel the benefits my SupraH2 delivered. I’d recommend it to anyone who wants truly powerful water.”
Marty – Phoenix, AZ

“As a new mom, I am really concerned about the safety of everything in my home. The SupraH2 has provided me the assurance that the water from our tap is not only safe but also extremely beneficial.”
Sarah – Provo, UT